Saint Luke's was built for the purpose of raising children. Like the surrounding village of Crestline, this church was designed for families. Children have the run of the place. They always have.


What's Coming Up:

Vacation Bible School is June 3-6. Following the Footprints of Paul is the theme. Students will travel from Greece to Rome, engage in the marketplace, and have their own Olympics. 

VBS Registration is Closed

Contact Linda Nichols, Director of Children's Ministries, with any questions.

Sunday Offerings for Children

As children encounter Jesus through loving instruction, fellowship, and fun, they begin the lifelong journey of following him.In a safe and nurturing environment, babies are cared for by professional nursery staff with the help of enthusiastic volunteers. And as children grow, so does their learning. Little Lambs Sunday School introduces little ones to basics of the faith, and Atrium on Sunday mornings leads children to deeper relationships with God.

At Saint Luke’s, the church experience for our children is not limited to children’s ministry activities, though—children are central to church life. We are committed to building a strong foundation of faith in community, so children are engaged in every service, and clergy participate in all aspects of children's ministry. Churchwide activities bring together the entire church family.

Children's Programs Include...


Children meet their Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ.  They listen to stories read from the Bible about his birth, and explore parables and prophesy about the kingdom of God.  Figures of people, pearls, mustard seeds, wheat and other materials help them experience the scripture they read.  They learn about baptism and communion. As their skills develop they pour actual water and wine as they learn about baptism and communion.  They practice and discuss the words they hear in church and the gestures they observe there.  They pray.

1ST - 3RD Grade

Children are introduced to the history of the kingdom of God from creation to redemption and the return of Jesus, using timelines, maps, and a model of the city of Jerusalem.     They connect this history to holidays and seasons of the church year.  They discuss the 10 Commandments and Christian virtues.  They read and discuss more parables and the Biblical accounts of Jesus’ passion and resurrection.  Third graders attend a Saturday retreat at church, learning about sin and God’s forgiveness through Christ.

4TH - 6TH Grade

Children develop a greater understanding of the kingdom of God, its history, and their place in it.  They continue Bible study and discussion, with an emphasis on accounts of the lives of patriarchs and prophets.  Study of Christian scripture emphasizes parables and miracles.  They explore all the sacraments, Christian maxims and virtues and gain understanding of Christian responsibility.


The children are active participants in a kid-friendly version of “big church,” reflecting the structure, music, and actions they would witness in the Nave. Children serve as "Junior acolytes" to light and extinguish the altar candles and as "Junior Ushers” to take up our offerings. Classic Bible stories are presented on large, brightly illustrated story cards. Children hear a roughly chronological history of God’s people (Creation through the Day of Pentecost and the early church). Older children lead our prayers—prayers of intercession, confession and thanksgiving. We end our formal worship time with an enthusiastic passing of the Peace, then we sing songs until it’s time to return to church.

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Weekly for Children


  • 6 WEEKS THRU 3K Nursery (with Little Lambs Sunday School for 2's. 3's have a modified "Atrium class" in children's chapel).
  • 4K & 5K Level I Atrium.
  • 1ST GRADE, 2ND GRADE, 3RD GRADE Level II Atrium. 
  • 4TH GRADE, 5TH GRADE, 6TH GRADE Level III Atrium.


  • 6 weeks thorough 3k / Nursery begins at 5:30 PM
  • Children program and activities for grades 4k - 6th grade.  Please contact Kimbellee Fipps for more information.


  • As part of churchwide outreach, the Children’s Ministry coordinates with the Parish Outreach Committee for monthly projects.


  • Monthly fellowships and other special events throughout the year offer creative fun for all ages.
  • Safety and Security measures for the Children's Ministry

    We want your child to feel loved and secure when they enter our building and we want you to feel secure about leaving your child in our care. Therefore, we place a high regard on security, with background checks on our nursery workers and by implementing security measures. Each time you bring your child to the nursery, you will be given a nametag to fill out and place on your child’s back. It has a parent receipt for you to hold on to. You will need to have this when you return to pick up your child.

  • Health Policies for the Children's Ministry

    Children may come to the nursery when they have been symptom free for 24 hours. A child that is placed on antibiotics must be on this medication for 24 hours before coming to the nursery. We cannot give your child medicine while they are at church.

    Please keep your children at home if they have shown any of the following symptoms in the last 24 hours: Fever, Vomiting, Eye Drainage, Green or Yellow Runny Nose, Excessive Coughing, Diarrhea, Questionable Rash, mouth Sores with any Drooling, Any Communicable Disease, or if there is increased tiredness, irritability, or crying. If any of these symptoms occur while they are in our care, we may ask that you come get them for the wellbeing of your child, as well as the other children in our care.


  • Nursery Drop Off Guidelines

    Please bring bottles and other things your child may need while in our care, including diapers and a change of clothes. The nursery does not have access to these items unless you provide them. Please make us aware of any allergies your child has when you drop them off. On occasion, snacks are provided. Please let us know if you would not like your child to have a snack. Make sure to label everything you bring to ensure it is returned to you. Please try to leave all personal toys at home. Please note that for the safety of our children it is our policy that a parent/guardian must be on the Saint Luke’s campus while their child is in the care of our nursery.

Make a difference in young lives by serving the Children of Saint Luke's