Pastoral CARE

Caring for this Parish

Each person is created in God’s image, and therefore entitled to treatment with dignity and respect. This awareness forms the basis of our concern for all persons and motivates our efforts to provide a well-rounded, Christ-centered program of pastoral care ministry. Together with worship and Christian formation, the pastoral care of persons is one of the key functions of any Christian congregation. By offering the proverbial “cup of cold water” (Matthew 10:42) to those wounded by life’s trials, we fulfill the mandate of our Lord to be a caring, welcoming, and faithful community (Galatians 6:2).

Pastoral Care at Saint Luke's

Pastoral Care at Saint Luke’s is available for persons at all stages of life.  We are here to celebrate your joys, ritualize important life passages, and walk beside you in challenging times. Please contact us when you have an important life event such as a marriage, new baby, illness, divorce, death in the family, caregiving for a family member, or change in living situation. We encourage you to contact us in emergencies as well. 

Each of the ministries is supported by volunteers. Our volunteer philosophy is to “Do what you love to do, with the time that you have, in a coordinated way.” Please contact Sandy Porter to arrange a time to discuss where your unique gifts might be best utilized. 

Ministry to Families

  • New Baby—Please let us know when your baby is born or arrives home from adoption. We ring the church bells in celebration.  Clergy visit the hospital to bless the new baby and bring a baby blanket with our Saint Luke’s logo and devotional resources for new parents. 
  • Stork Teams—Providing practical, emotional, spiritual support to parents of new babies
  • Holy Baptism—Six times per year we offer a Baptism class and the Sacrament of Baptism 
  • Family Team—-Provide practical, emotional, and spiritual support for families in transition, going through challenging times, or who have a special needs family member. 
  • Parents’ Night Out—Occasional evenings with activities for children  
Ministry to the Sick
  • Emergencies which occur outside of regular office hours, please call 205-909-5907
  • Hospital Visits-for members who are in local hospitals
  • Intercessory Prayer-When requested, The Daughters of the King offer intercessory prayer for healing.  Also, prayer team members offer intercessory prayer after Sunday services
  • In-home or facility Holy Eucharist- available upon request for those who cannot attend services
  • Care Teams—lay volunteers provide practical, emotional, spiritual support for short/long-term need 
  • Healing Eucharist-in the chapel every Wednesday at noon
  • We can help only if we know—Please inform Sandy Porter when you or someone you love is to be hospitalized or is scheduled for a medical procedure
Ministry to the Home-bound
  • Visiting Team—Trained volunteers provide regular visits and Holy Eucharist
  • Clergy Visits—Clergy visit each homebound parishioner on a periodic basis
  • Sermon and Newsletters—Available online and by request, via postal mail
  • We can help only if we know—If you are aware of someone who fits this category and is not currently being visited, please notify Sandy Porter
Ministry to Retirement Communities and Skilled Nursing Facilities 
  • Visiting Team—Trained volunteers provide regular visits and Holy Eucharist
  • Monthly Eucharist Services—Brookdale, Episcopal Place, and Saint Martin’s in the Pines
  • Home Eucharist—Clergy and Laypersons
  • Bible Study- at Saint Martin’s in the Pines on Thursdays at 2:00 in the private dining room.
  • Social Events
Ministry to the Grieving
  • One-on-One Pastoral Conversations—available by appointment with clergy
  • Grief Support Group—Once or twice per year on-site and ongoing at local affiliates
  • Stephen Ministry— A confidential one-to-one ministry of presence, listening, and caring led by trained lay ministers responding to Christ’s words to “carry each other’s burdens” (Gal. 6:2).
  • Service of Remembrance— held each year around the Feast of All Saints.

A complete description of the ministries within pastoral care and the opportunities for care within those ministries can be found here.

Care Teams

In addition to one-on-one interaction from clergy and lay volunteers, we extensively employ the Care Team approach to offer practical, emotional, and spiritual support in a coordinated way. Teams are comprised of trained lay volunteers and are utilized for people with a variety of needs.  If you would like to learn more about how we can support you or how you could offer your gifts, please call Mary Bea, Rebecca, or Sandy. 

  • Stork Teams-Practical, emotional, spiritual support to parents of new babies.
  • Family Teams-Practical, emotional, and spiritual support for families in transition, or going through challenging times, or with special needs family members 
  • Feed My Sheep Team—Prepare meals at the church to distribute to those who benefit from temporary meal support 
  • Visiting Teams—Ongoing visits to those who are homebound  
  • Care Teams—Practical, emotional, spiritual support for people who are post-surgery, experiencing a temporary or chronic medical issue.   


The church may be reached during regular business hours (M-F, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.) by calling 205-871-3583. In the case of an after-hours pastoral emergency, the priest-on-call may reached by calling 205-999-9867.