Why I Give

Stewardship 2018

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Why Give?

I’m a lover of history and old stories, so it should come as no surprise that I enjoy spending time in the Founders’ Room at our church, looking at the old photographs and reading the stories of how a group of families united together nearly 70 years ago to form a new parish and how it would flourish quickly to become one of the largest in the diocese.  There really is a little magic to the stories about the founding of our church and it’s wonderful that we are able to share that in the Founders’ Room.

As we hope to complete the construction to our church in the coming months, we are entering a time of RESET.  We have endured the tribulations and upheavals that come with construction and, on the horizon, we can begin to see the calmer waters and the hope that parish life will soon return to normal with new and improved facilities.  We can reflect on how far “The Little Red Church” has come and how its impact is just as great now as it ever was.  Moreover, we can look forward and see that we have the people and resources in place to further our mission formed by our founding families so long ago and continued by the people that have come after. 

As one who did not grow up at St. Luke’s, I like to believe that by giving my time and money to St. Luke’s, I can be a part of the continuing story that is our church.  By making my pledge, I get to write the next chapter in the history of a people who have made positive change not only in our village, but across our city, state, and even internationally.  The ideas and dreams that we put into action help spread the message of Jesus far and wide.  By giving to St. Luke’s, I get to create a legacy, and so do you.

- Brad and Sally Baker


Bragan and I see giving to Saint Luke’s as growing kindness. The Lord calls us to give to our church for many reasons and in many different ways. What makes Saint Luke’s different is our church’s ability to take the strengths and gifts of all types of individuals and families and use them to grow true, unconditional kindness. True kindness and love in a time and world that desperately needs more of it. True kindness that can only be demonstrated fully by the life Jesus lived and work He did while on this earth. Day to day at Saint Luke’s, we are blessed to witness this real kindness shared amongst one another as parishioners, and shared to others in the neighbors of our city and beyond.

We live in a very generous community and therefore are surrounded by much giving and receiving of all types. But no place, no institution, no group has the ability, capacity, or power to spread kindness as the way our Church, our Saint Luke’s, does. Be KIND (and give!).

-Bragan and Banks Petrey