Vestry Meetings will be held the last Monday of each month from 6:00-7:00 pm. Vestry meetings are open to the members of Saint Luke's unless in Executive Session.

Class of 2019

Sumner Rives, Senior Warden

Susie Caffey, Pastoral Care

Bo Hartsfield, Jr Warden of the Sr. Class & Co-Stewardship

Anderson Neighbors, Co-Stewardship, Lead Communications

Mark Waggoner, Personnel/HR

Class of 2020

Livy Abele, Worship and Events

Bob Boylan, Outreach

Tim Callahan, Finance & Music

Paul Elliott, Jr Warden of the Jr. Class & Rising Sr. Warden

Susan Logan, Founders Place 

Class of 2021

Rebecca Eubanks, SLDS & Children's Ministry

Trippe Gray, Facility Management

Norman Jetmundsen, Communications

Norman Tynes, Adult Education

Scarlett Simmons, Youth Ministry

Ex-Officio Members*- Rich Webster- Rector.

Appointed Members**- William Nicrosi- Treasurer, Harrison Smith- Clerk, Molly Sheffield Davis- Junior Vestryperson, TBD- Chancellor.