Pray, Serve, Give!

March 18, 2015

I’m fond of saying that ours is a Village Church that can be summed up in just three words. We pray together, we serve together, and we give together as joyful members of the Body of Christ. We have many opportunities for you to say your prayers. From the grandeur of our 10:30 morning worship to the relaxed informality of our 5:00 evening service, from the contemplative silence of worship on Wednesday evenings to the vibrant spirituality of Church in the Park, all of our worship services are intentional, creative, and warm.

We also serve together. Be sure to take note of our monthly collections as you travel to the grocery store, and sign up for one of our many “hands on” outreach opportunities for every age and interest. Our church is a servant church.

Finally, I ask that we remember to give all we can and give all the time, and this includes a pledge to our amazing church. We are asking each individual and family to think about what they give to Saint Luke’s and write it down, trusting that our walk with Christ is more focused, more tactile, more defined when we commit to Faith in this way. This is Scriptural, and it works.

In just three words we can describe our beautiful church. May God give us Grace this coming year to Pray. Serve, and Give together in new and exciting ways! 

Yours in Christ,

       Richmond Webster

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