Sunday School

For Children and Youth

Sunday School meets at 9:15 am, (unless otherwise noted), from September 8 through May 1.

4K through Kindergarten attend Atrium of the Good Shepherd in Room 220.

1st through 2nd Graders attend the Atrium of the True Vine in Room 216.

3rd Graders attend the Atrium of the Kingdom of God in Room 211.

4th Graders – Club 4:9 - Room 214.

5th & 6th Graders - Preteen Ministry - Room 212.

For more information on Children’s Sunday School and other Children’s Ministry activities, please click here.

7th & 8th Grade – Room 225.

9th Grade Confirmation - Room 232.

10th-12th Grade – Room 224.

For Adults

Classes meet from 9:15 am to 10:15 am, unless otherwise noted. Everyone is welcome. For more information about any of the classes, please contact the Email Rev. Rebecca DeBow - 802-6202.

Jericho Road- The Writings of Paulas

Going beyond the story we know so well, the Rev. Richmond Webster will use maps, photos, current events, and the breadth of Scripture to bring new meaning and application to the Journey of Paul. Led by the Rev. Richmond Webster in Graham Hall.

Bible 101

Have you ever listened to a scripture reading in church on a Sunday morning and found yourself asking “What in the world was that all about?” Sound familiar? If it does, then please consider joining us for “Bible 101,” a weekly Sunday School class for adults that explores each Sunday’s scripture lessons in a lecture/discussion format. We’ll probe the depths of each lesson, examine its background, context, and meaning, and help class members better understand how these lessons relate to our worship experience as well as to the lives we live each day. There are absolutely no prerequisites or qualifications! Whether you’re a bible scholar, struggling student, or complete novice, this class is for all God’s people. Led by the Rev. Stephen DeGweck, Tilson Room.

Book Study:  Sunday Morning Book Study -- When Jesus Came to Harvard:  Making Moral Choices Today

What does Jesus of galilee have to do with Harvard in Massachusetts? Concerned their graduates “were becoming experts in facts but novices on values,” Harvard added a required course study to the undergraduate curriculum on Jesus. Cox created “Jesus and the Moral Life” a combined lecture and discussion group class that related Jesus’ teachings to the moral dilemmas we face today. The class quickly grew to 800 students a year and lasted for 18 years. From that experience, Cox wrote this book. Each chapter in the book begins with a Bible verse of “stories they wrote about Him, stories He told,” followed by Cox’s interpretation and the student’s responses. The class will follow Cox’s format, a review of a chapter by a presenter followed by class discussion. Reading the book is not a prerequisite, but is highly recommended.

9:25  Journey to Joy (Parents with young children). 

Through discussion and open dialogue, Tom Garrett leads this class in a fun learning environment where the Christian faith is explored for answers to the challenges of young family life. Led by Tom Garrett. John Scott is the class coordinator. Contact John at Email John Scott for more information. Meets in Room 227.

For more information contact Rebecca DeBow Email Rebecca or 802-6202.