Sunday School

For Children and Youth

Sunday School meets at 9:15 am, (unless otherwise noted), from September 13 through May 1.

4K through Kindergarten attend Atrium of the Good Shepherd in Room 220.

1st through 2nd Graders attend the Atrium of the True Vine in Room 216.

3rd Graders attend the Atrium of the Kingdom of God in Room 211.

4th Graders – Club 4:9 - Room 214.

5th & 6th Graders - Preteen Ministry - Room 212.

For more information on Children’s Sunday School and other Children’s Ministry activities, please click here.

7th & 8th Grade – Room 225.

9th Grade Confirmation - Room 232.

10th-12th Grade – Room 224.

For Adults

Classes meet from 9:15 am to 10:15 am, unless otherwise noted. Everyone is welcome. For more information about any of the classes, please contact the Email Rev. Rebecca DeBow - 802-6202.

Jericho Road- The Prophets

Rich’s Sunday class will include pictures, timelines, music, and video to cover the lives and message of the Hebrew Prophets. During the course of this study we will learn both the origin and meaning of many books that are often overlooked in our Bible, and explore how ancient Hebrew stories point us to Jesus. Led by the Rev. Richmond Webster in Graham Hall.

Sacred Parenting (Six Weeks, September 20-October 25)

What if one of God’s primary intentions for you as a parent isn’t about raising perfect children, but about you becoming more holy? Gary Thomas shows how God can transform raising children into opportunities to grow in the image of Christ, how parenting is a method of spiritual formation. We will watch and discuss the following six videos: Parenting: God’s Hammer On Our Souls It’s All about Him: God-centered Parenting The Hardest Hurt of All Embracing Our Insignificance The Gold behind the Guilt The Sweet Side of Sacrifice. Led by Livy Abele, Tilson Room.

Book Study:  Jesus Parables—Another Look

This class will look into selected parables of Jesus using two books as guides, one by Jewish author and Vanderbilt professor of religion, Amy Jill Levine and the other by John Claypool. We will study four parables. Each parable will take two Sunday’s; first using Levine’s book followed the next Sunday by Claypool’s. Classes will be led by a class member, summarizing Levine/Claypool’s interpretation of the parable, followed by class discussion. Founders Room.

For more information contact Rebecca DeBow Email Rebecca or 802-6202.