Continuum Of Education

Continuum of Education

Christian Education at Saint Luke’s represents a variety and depth as varied and diverse as our parish family. We are blessed with a many gifted staff and volunteers with a passion for learning and growing in the faith. Within our menu of classes and educational opportunities, regardless of how diverse, there still exists a common thread, and that is our proclamation in word and deed the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and our call as disciples to do his work in the world.

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  • Traveling Along a Wheel

    Specifically, our Christian education classes can be located along a continuum of discipleship, reflected in the Gospel accounts and beginning with our personal encounter with Jesus. We believe that by locating our offerings in this circle, our members find themselves along different stages of the Christian journey, and by circling again and again may grow and deepen their faith. Please join us in this adventure, and help us to know Christ and make him known through your own experience of Christian discipleship!

  • Meeting Jesus

    Like the disciples along the shores of Galilee, we too can meet Jesus in the everyday stuff of our lives, and our classes for newcomers, “seekers,” and portions of our confirmation curricula are designed to introduce Jesus Christ to a waiting and hungry world.

    In Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus first asks of those who will hear him to “repent” and believe. This word means literally a “turning,” or a seeing the world in a fresh new way. Our meeting Jesus can awaken us to new possibilities, and to see the world around us with a fresh perspective.

  • Following Jesus

    From this initial encounter with Jesus, disciples are called to follow. Classes geared toward deepening our spirituality and personal growth flow from this starting point of deciding that Christianity is real and has value for our lives.

    This journey doesn’t happen in a vacuum and discipleship is a community experience. Here, we find not only strength from each other, but a sustaining family that is the Body of Christ.

  • Learning from Jesus

    Building upon generations of Jewish ethics and teaching, Jesus made it very clear that God’s demand for justice and peace is unchanging and eternal. God’s demands are also for us, and the promise of God’s Kingdom is for here and now. Classes in this stage of the continuum explore our daily walk, our actions and decisions, and help us to be agents of God’s Justice and peace.

    In Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, he begins his inaugural address to his followers with the word, “Blessed.” This word can also be interpreted as “happy,” and it reflects a deep joy in the profound sense, a happiness that comes from learning and living the life God holds out for us. 

  • Doing a Ministry

    Finding a ministry is an indispensable part of the Christian faith and life and a hallmark of this congregation. We have many opportunities for service within and outside the church, and “outreach” has always been a priority. It is our goal that all members will find, through Saint Luke’s, some hands on ministry to others, particularly to the poor and needy of the world around us. 

    Jesus made it very clear that when we serve the “least” of God’s children, we are serving Him.

  • Inviting Others

    This final stage of the continuum brings us full circle, and the journey begins anew. We seek to be a community of confident, joyful Christians who not only grow in faith, but share the journey with others. Sharing can take place in many ways, and by our bringing our gifts to the community around us we can further God’s kingdom and win the world for Christ.

    One of the joys of a congregation like Saint Luke’s is that we are a safe place to live and grow and pray. We learn that discipleship and faith are lifelong processes of discovery, then we will have the confidence and joy to share!