Saint Luke’s Without the Walls

This year we completed a project on the property of Saint Luke’s that is a long held dream come true. In addition to increasing capacity for our columbarium, we have designed a green space, including a meadow, a walking trail, an outdoor Labyrinth, and a new children’s playground. This new space is not simply a park, but rather a new way to experience our church, a new place to pray, a new place to become inspired, body and soul. It is, quite literally, Saint Luke’s Without the Walls, for this new Saint Luke’s is as much a part of our lives and worship as our beloved Nave. It reminds us of our calling to take our Faith out—into the world, into our work, into our homes, and far beyond our walls. We invite you to take time to worship beyond the walls.

The Columbarium - Our Columbarium provides niches and a scattering garden for burial at Saint Luke’s. As Christians we view the end of our earthly life as the beginning of our eternal life in Jesus Christ. When our loved ones die, even though we cannot be present with them now, we know they live on in another room of God’s kingdom. Rather than being a place of isolation, the Columbarium sits among the living—located between our Chapel and the outdoor Labyrinth. A statue of Saint Luke the Physician stands at one end of the Columbarium to remind us that Jesus is the ultimate healer.

The Labyrinth - Many Christians have found blessing and renewal through the ancient spiritual practice of walking the Labyrinth, a series of intricate, inter-weaving pathways, laid out within a large circle. The pathways parallel our journey through life, and walking the Labyrinth can unlock the quiet places in our hurried souls, and cause us to focus on our journey toward God. The Saint Luke’s outdoor Labyrinth is outlined by rocks on a base of pea gravel and is nestled between the columbarium and the meadow.

Meadow - Picnics, fellowship, Bible studies, small groups, meetings, and children’s games are just some of the ways to enjoy this open grassy area lined with native flora. A covered pavilion and benches provide spaces for conversation or a quiet respite.

Walking Trail - God often speaks to us as we walk outside enjoying His creation. The short, winding trail, interspersed with native plants, provides an invitation to listen to Him and His creatures. Steps, a stone wall, benches, rocks, an old baptismal font, and other features can be found along the path. Your pets are welcome to accompany you on your walk.

Playground - Swings, slides, a playhouse, and more are part of our new playground that sits adjacent to the meadow and next to the church building. Bricks engraved with names of loved ones line the path from the back doors of the church to the playground entrance. A state of the art soft surface helps prevent serious injuries from falls, and a fence keeps little ones contained in a safe area. Our Saint Luke’s Day School uses the playground, from Tuesday through Friday, until 2:00. All children are welcome to enjoy the playground whenever the church building is open and after Day School hours. Note: Please do not wear spike or high heels on the playground, as they will damage the surface.

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