This section answers many of the most common questions we receive from members and visitors. Click on the question below to find out more information.

  • What times are regular Sunday services? Are the services different?

    Our regular service times are 8:00 am, 10:30 am, and 5:00 pm. All services are in the Nave, and childcare is available. We have hearing amplifiers for those who need one during the services. Alert an usher as you enter the Nave.

    The 8:00 am service includes Eucharist (Rite I) and music for the processional and recessional hymns only.

    Our 10:30 am service offers Eucharist (Rite II) and features additional hymns and a choral offering from our parish choir. We also have Children’s Chapel for youngsters, from 4K through second-grade. Children enter the Nave with their parents and then follow the Crucifer to Children’s Chapel at the designated time early in the service. They return to the Nave to join their parents for Eucharist.

    The 5:00 pm service features music from our Crossties Choir and includes Eucharist (Rite II). Dress is very casual, and childcare is available for children through 5K.

    See the calendar for Special dates and Services including Christmas, Lent, and Easter services.

  • Is nursery or childcare available? Are my children welcome in the services?

    We love children here at Saint Luke’s, and as you will see, we have plenty of them! Your children are welcome in any of the services, or you may bring them to the Nursery.

  • What time is Sunday School?

    We have offerings for all ages, and classes meet from 9:15 am to 10:15 am. Sunday School begins September 7, 2014 and ends on May 3, 2015. You and your children are welcome to attend any of the classes.

  • Where do I park?

    We have spaces reserved for visitors in the back parking lot. Look for the first two spaces on the left in the first aisle of the back lot.

    There are four official blue handicapped parking spaces in the side lot (on the left when you enter the driveway) and four handicapped parking spaces on Montrose Road in front of the church. The other spaces in the side lot are reserved for Senior Adults.

    On Sunday mornings, Saint Luke’s provides Assisted Parking for our members and visitors who have reached their senior years and for those who are physically challenged, both permanently and temporarily. If you meet any of these criteria, this is just for you! Simply pull into the porte-cochere and you will be greeted by Russell or Barry for further instructions. NO CHARGE – NO TIPPING. This service is provided to make attending church at Saint Luke’s easier for you!

  • If I’m a member of another Episcopal church?

    If you are coming to us from an Episcopal background, you may contact our Parish Secretary, Email Nancy Cain (or 802-6200) and ask her to contact your previous church to transfer your membership.

  • If I’ve been baptized in a church other than an Episcopal Church?

    Register the date and place of your baptism with the parish secretary, Email Nancy Cain (or 802-6200). You will then be a baptized member of Saint Luke’s, and able to participate in all programs and ministries. You will not, however, be eligible to serve in or vote on an elected position (Vestry or diocesan committee) until you are Confirmed or Received.

  • What is Confirmation and how do I become confirmed?

    Confirmation is a sacramental rite in which persons who have been duly prepared make a mature, public affirmation of their faith and a commitment to the responsibilities of Baptism and receive the laying-on-of-hands by the bishop. The Inquirers' Class, an adult confirmation class taught by the Rector, includes topics such as Church History, The Book of Common Prayer, How the Bible Came to Be, Living the Christian Life, and Instructed Eucharist. If you would like to learn more about adult confirmation, please contact Jeanna Speegle - 802-6218.

    Please check here for current schedule, 2014 Adult Confirmation Schedule-Fall

    If you plan to attend these classes and/or would like more information, please contact Email Jeanna Speegle or 802-6218.

  • What if I have been confirmed in another church other than an Episcopal Church?

    If you have been confirmed in another denomination (Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Orthodox), having received the laying-on-of-hands from a bishop, please speak to any of the clergy. They will arrange for you to be received by the bishop. Persons who wish to be received generally take the Confirmation class, Saint Luke’s 101, as a refresher of their previous preparation and as an introduction to the Episcopal Church. For more information, please contact Jeanna Speegle (802-6218 or Email Jeanna Speegle)

  • How do I become more involved at Saint Luke’s?

    To begin, contact Email Jeanna Speegle, our Parish Ministries Coordinator (or 802-6218 ). She will be happy to talk with you and help you find a ministry, class, or fellowship group suited to your interests, needs, and time schedule. We also hope you will take time to read through our website and see all of our classes and events here at Saint Luke’s!

  • What is the Prayer Team?

    If you need a special prayer, a member of the Prayer Team will be in the chapel after the 10:30 and 5 o’clock services.  They will gladly pray for your request or thanksgiving, and all conversations and prayers are confidential!

  • Is it possible to speak with a priest?

    Absolutely. You may make an appointment by calling the church office (871-3583) or look see our leadership page to contact a priest directly.

  • How can I stay in touch with what is happening at Saint Luke’s?

    If you would like to receive our weekly digital newsletter and other email announcements, please contact Email Nancy Cain (or 802-6200 ) with your email address. We will mail a paper copy of our newsletter for those who prefer. We also encourage you to frequently visit our website!